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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locator Services

Seramur & Associates, PC uses a combination of Magnetometer and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys to image Underground Storage Tanks (UST) of any size at a depth of up to 5-6 feet.  Seramur & Associates personal have over 20 years experience with Geophysical processes.  We use both 2D GPR profiles and 3D GPR depth slices to images USTs.

The MF-1 Fluxgate magnetometer is designed to measure changes in the Earth’s magnetic field associated with larger ferrous objects. It does not respond to smaller objects such as nails or wire, but responds well to variations in the Earth’s magnetic field produced by manholes, steel pipe, buried drums and tanks. The sensitivity level is well suited for detecting buried USTs at commercial and industrial facilities.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys are completed across each grid using Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. 400 MHz antenna and a SIR-3000 Single Channel Data Acquisition System with a calibrated survey wheel. The GPR data is downloaded and saved onto a computer. The GPR grid data is processed and modeled using GSSI’s Radan® software. Three-dimensional models of the GPR grid data are produced with the Radan® software. GSSI’s Radan® software produce mutliple depth slices which are horizontal slices or plan view of the GPR grid data at a selected depth. The thickness of the horizontal slice can be adjusted to show reflections across a particular depth range. The slice thickness is adjusted to produce the best images of the target objects.

Site Examples of GPR and Magnetometer UST Location Services

Piedmont North Carolina, Tank Closure


                           Red area showing GPR grid                                                                         Image of 3D GPR grid model


Piedmont North Carolina, Site Assessment


                                   Area showing GPR grid                                                                                        Processed GPR grid data

                           Processed GPR 2-D profile                                                                   3-D grid depth slice showing three USTs at depth.

Blue Ridge Mountains, Abandoned Gas Station, Site Assessment

                                 Setting up survey grids                                                                Magnetometer results showing signatures of USTs

       3D GPR grid depth slice showing three USTs and cross section lines                                         2D GPR profiles showing USTs

Blue Ridge Mountains, Former Gas Station, Site Assessment